Would you like to grow in your capacity to meet what rises with ground, breath and simplicity?

The Holy Work, Jeannie's felt inquiry technique, is a potent tool for growing legs under your heart. With a committed group, learn the fundamentals and participate in a 30-day Holy Work Challenge where each student makes an individualized commitment to practice with the support of an online forum, small groups and Jeannie. This powerful tool for exploring and being with what is has helped many people move out of old patterns and conditioning into Presence.

Whether you are new to Jeannie’s work or have been around for years, join us for this extra level of support and community to allow “dropping in” to become second nature.

“The Holy Work Challenge was the real beginning of a huge shift for me in how I operate in the world. Enormously beneficial.”

-- Betsy Allen

In this course, you will be supported to:
Online Gatherings with Jeannie (attend live or download the recordings to listen on your own)
Private Facebook Group
Optional Online Zoom Share Groups
Course cost: $227 ($127 if you've taken the course before)
Deadline to apply is February 15.
Deadline to apply for partial scholarships/work trade is February 15.
“I noticed that I slowly had a deeper connection with Being in my daily life. My heart seemed to swallow my mind some days! Thoughts that used to disturb me couldn't penetrate my bliss. I feel more committed than ever to Spirit and making Being central to my daily life. I feel more devotion more deeply than ever. I feel more grace. :) Thank you!!!”


Questions? Email assistant@jeanniezandi.com.

Jeannie Zandi