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About Events

You are invited to join us online or in person to see what we’re up to at an online event or public gathering or daylong. Public events are presence-saturated, begin with silent meditation, followed by guided meditation, a spontaneous talk by Jeannie and a time to ask questions or exchange with her. All are welcome!

Once you have a sense of the work, you are invited to apply to attend a retreat or committed course. This is where the work intensifies, through the use of transformational spaces that fill with presence and invite participants into a freefall exploration of what’s free and alive, and what’s not, and how you can come to abide in and live as essence. Every aspect of human life is welcome and included in these explorations and no question is too unspiritual or small. These events have the elements of the public events, along with dyad exercises and other experiential happenings. See about the work for more information and a sampling.

With a few guidelines and some assumptions about human beings and an awareness of our conditioning, together we can hold a space that allows for sitting as deep presence as well as feeling safe to explore the edges of our understanding and discovery without spiritual bypassing, answer-mommy-ing, advice-giving, fixing, saving or peanut-gallery-ing — just a boatload of reverence, fire and the power of holy moment.

  • Introductory events such as public gatherings and short online gatherings are pretty similar to other events of their kind, are open to all, and are a chance to see if the flavor of this teaching resonates with you. Events begin with silent meditation as the group drops into presence, followed by a guided meditation by Jeannie. Jeannie’s love-saturated voice is found by many to serve a very deep surrendering to the moment, and the evoking of the presence capacity of the group. Jeannie’s guided meditations generally evolve into spontaneous talks that pull uncannily from the concerns that the group brings. When the talk winds down, Jeannie opens the floor for questions and exchanges with those who speak. Through this simple form you will know whether the teaching is something into which you’d like to dive more deeply.

  • The next level of involvement is a daylong, within which there are two sessions with a lunch break together and sometimes a walk. These are also open to all, but those who attend do commit to staying for the whole time to respect the container of the event. Generally, people find that a daylong is even more impactful for having remained in the presence field with others for a whole day, and there is more of a chance, since there are often fewer people at a daylong event and it’s twice as long, for each person to share if they are called.

  • Sometimes an online series on a particular topic is offered. Usually attendance at all the events in a series is required, but not always.

  • For a group immersion experience, retreats (2 or more days) provide a continuous focus on living as love for an extended period of time with group support and company. Silent and guided meditation, talks, exchange, deep presence work, movement and a variety of spontaneous group experiences provide a context for diving deeply into who you are and what it means to live as love. Retreats provide a “hotter” container in that people apply to attend, commit to attending the whole retreat and agree to follow certain guidelines that contribute to a transformational space. Retreats include generally three sessions a day, three meals a day, and an afternoon break. Retreatants sometimes are asked to share the tasks necessary such as washing dishes, ringing the reminder bell, etc.

  • Committed courses, both online and in person, with or without retreats, are even more focused. People apply, commit, and agree to follow certain guidelines over the length of the course and are with the same group for the duration, which gives a settled safety within which to sink into presence, bump up against patterns and explore deepening one’s embodiment and expression as love. The recent online course, Holy Essentials, consisted of 9 monthly themes with two online meetings a month, dyad work, a library of materials and homework assignments. This particular online course also had a Full version that entitled participants to a two-day online intensive, a week-long retreat culmination, and three sessions with one of Jeannie’s trained facilitators.

  • In person committed courses have ranged from 4 months to a year long and are designed to support those who long for a deep immersion in a community of presence and who desire an intense exploration of this new way of being. Multiple longer retreats, small group work, phone meetings and experiential opportunities with others challenge the conditioned reality of participants and invite radical surrender to openness, being and Love. These courses generally have a lean toward expressing leadership.

To explore bringing Jeannie to your area, please click here.