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The Work

Hello heart.

If you have come to this page, you probably share the sense that transformation has become a necessity here on earth. Living from separation is no longer sustainable. Nor is it very fun.

Living as Love serves the discovery of and living from the truth of our essence as love. We must turn toward and apprentice ourselves to the spiritual aspect of our humanness and through that, allow the power of what’s holy to remake who we take ourselves to be, how we are here together and what we will do together.

In 2002 I emerged from a transformative dark night experience that pierced who I thought I was and rendered me helpless to live from anything other than the revealed truth in the moment. Before long, others discovered that the space I invited them into from this alive presence was awakening, healing, inspiring, and transformative. Out of that grew the work of Living as Love, which supports, through teaching, tools and transformational spaces, beings living and acting from the truth of their essence.

This is a teaching for our times. It has both a sober understanding of human shadow and conditioning, and a joyous awareness of the infinite power of holy love that lives in the hearts of human beings. Sitting in the power of this love and presence, we allow the patterns that have us living from conditioned separation to be reckoned with and deconstructed, to discover new ways of being here born of the alive potency of the moment. Living as Love is a temple, a school and a laboratory for nurturing our human capacity to live in reality, harmony and full Self-expression.

The work is potent, presence-saturated and filled with downloaded material that specifically and practically addresses the various aspects of being a human being on the Earth at this time, attuned to the need and joy of moving to a Being-based, interdependent, collective way of living. It is experiential, practical, inspired and transformative. There is a deep emphasis on experientially digesting teachings so as to embody them throughout one’s system, and a variety of integration tools are used for this.

To give you a feel of the work, some of the tools used are below, though events are not limited to these forms and don’t necessarily include all of them.


  • Part of the transition to living from the divine and away from a mentation-based, conditioning-based, separation-based way of living has to do with abiding in the unknown and allowing guidance to spring from the alive potency of the moment rather than from the everyday mind. Our events are pervaded by this level of surrender and it is infectious. This allows our work to be tailored to the actual power of the moment and the particular group of people attending, as well as to be filled with the power of divine guidance and presence. Thus, though the links that follow describe some of the offerings of the work, what we do at a given retreat is guided by the living mystery.

  • Each of Jeannie’s sessions begins with a period of silent meditation to allow bodies to settle and relax out of the clench of separation, and to open to the vibrating present moment and what it offers. As the group sits, the space grows alive and thick with presence and participants can find themselves softening open in a deep abiding. Here is Jeannie talking a little about her sense of silent meditation.

          Walking Zero for God (13 min)

          As It Is (17 min)

  • One of the things Jeannie is most known for is her presence-saturated guided meditations that precede most sessions. These talks transmit a deep sense of presence and love, easing the participants down out of conflict into abiding as being in the moment together. Here is a sample guided meditation snipped from a retreat recording that gives you the flavor of sitting with Jeannie.

          Wisdom of Unfolding (15 min)
  • Once Jeannie opens the floor after a talk, participants are welcome to present any kind of question or noticing. Sometimes Jeannie offers a simple pointer or comment, but often there is a deep exchange that explores the underpinnings of what’s presented and allows new energy, insight, flexibility and freedom to flow in an area previously bound up and in conflict.

    Jeannie speaks about her approach to “meeting” confusions and conflicts:

  • Jeannie often uses dyads within which one partner simply witnesses, and the other plays with a phrase designed to allow participants to explore a particular piece of the current teaching topic experientially. This allows the teaching to be embodied rather than merely mentally consumed.

  • Jeannie does not shy away from conflicts in relating that come up either between two people who have a relationship outside of the work (spouses, friends, parent-child, etc.) or if conflicts arise between two people within the work in the course of a program or project. These relational sessions are voluntary and serve both those in the relationship, as well as those who observe and learn from the exchange. Relationships are deepened, and conflicts, confusions and stuck places are replaced with insight, harmony and warm feelings. Jeannie has been called “the relationship whisperer” for this reason by those who have experienced this aspect of her work.

  • Occasionally at retreats Jeannie will encourage small group sharing, during which each participant in a group of 3-6 is given a certain amount of time to share their experience with others listening and not commenting, allowing the teaching to be explored, applied, and thus embodied.

  • Besides exchanging with Jeannie, sometimes, especially at the end of a guided meditation, Jeannie will invite people who feel called to speak from presence, or share their experience, or a single word, or join together in sounding.

  • Authentic Movement is an expressive improvisational movement practice that allows a deep inward focus on one’s experience of the field of presence and sensation and the impulses that rise there. This practice is done with eyes closed, and allows a deep sinking into and listening to the authentic impulses that arise. Participating in this practice strengthens the capacity to drop out of the mind and move from pure being.


  • At some retreats Jeannie uses a form of sword practice from her studies of Aikido as the basis for an exploration of the sword of clarity, truth, and power. Participants need no prior knowledge, nor athletic prowess, to benefit from this exploration and many find that through it, the yang aspect of humanness can be more deeply embodied.

  • Jeannie frequently spontaneously will sing a song or read a poem as she is teaching, and uses song and poetry as a way to explore the heart and its expression. Often Jeannie will have musicians play or sing in sessions (from folks songs accompanied by guitar to kirtan to acapella hymns) and sometimes on the final night, there will be a night of singing and poetry sharing.

          Come Whoever You Are (4 min)

          Theophany of Perfection (6 min)

  • Sometimes Jeannie asks a retreatant to offer yoga, tai chi or other practices during the morning or breaks outside of sessions or for brief stretches during sessions.

  • Sometimes interesting experiments and explorations grow out of the moment.