Feel It

When we feel an unpleasant feeling or we have an unpleasant thought, there’s almost a knee jerk conditioned response to try and DO something. It’s such a micro-movement that starts it. This is caused by our cultural abandonment of the wisdom of our feeling capacity. Instead of “being with”, we are off trying to solve it, using the mental capacity where the feeling capacity is most called for. So when we are simply being and we notice the rising of that tension, watch the pull to start thinking about and wrestling with “a problem” and how we can solve it. If we allow it to run, we’re off and away from right here. If we simply “be with” it, dropping down into the FEEL of it rather than THOUGHTS about it, we start to live from the deeper rhythm of Love and being, allowing fear to burn off in the witnessing and meeting. Love will paint a canvas through you that is completely different than the one fear wants to paint.