One Good Shake of the Hips!

When you get to the point where the delusion is really starting to fit tight on you, that’s when you start looking for another way. We can’t sway in church. We can’t sing a song. Lord! Someone might look at us. Someone might be embarrassed and then mad and then not like us. So, is your freedom and your own heart more important to you than anything? Because unless or until it’s the most important thing, you’re gonna keep straddling both worlds and have quasi, half-way-out-the-birth-canal suffering, as you ignore the place that you don’t dare dive into. And here’s your opportunity, right in church, there’s the impulse – sway. Holiness, the expression of what we are, is no further than right in this moment, this body, this impulse. We don’t have to read a spiritual book to know that we feel like shaking our hips, you know? A good shake of the hips is worth ten of those books.