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Holy Essentials II 8-month Online Committed Course

Tuesday, September 28, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm MDT


Circle up!

All who have completed Holy Essentials are invited to return to the warmth and light of our online village for the eight themes of Holy Essentials II! Join the ranks of the seasoned peeps as we delve into rich topics within the chalice of sacred container. Keep those heart-legs a-growin’ and fasten your seatbelts for seven months of Jeannie in your very own home!

Holy Essentials II is a committed online course that provides a profound container for transformation with a comprehensive curriculum and a committed community. This course is designed to support a rich exploration of seven new juicy themes to foster healing and the unfolding of grounded Being.

Combining prerecorded classes and monthly Q&As with Jeannie, powerful home practices, partner exercises, an online support forum and more, the Course also includes a weekend intensive at the start, a daylong intensive in the middle, and a weekend retreat at the end of the course.

“I am deeply grateful for my experience in HE II. It is a rich course with so many opportunities for engagement and you can tailor it for where you are at so that it is the most supportive for you and your needs. I have found it incredibly healing to have a safe space to share and be witnessed and to be able to offer that witnessing to others as well. This course will support you in living an embodied life fueled by your heart. I highly recommend it.”

— Reed


Prerequisite to Register:
Have completed Holy Essentials.
Contact Amy at to register.

$137/month (for 8 months) or $1,027 if paid in full upon registration.

$97/month (for 8 months) to take the course a second time, or $727 if paid in full upon registration

Some reduced rates and work trades are available for the financially challenged.

Scholarship/work trade deadline: September 14 by midnight mdt

Deadline to register: September 21 by midnight mdt

Course begins September 28.

“A powerful course for personal exploration and transformation with a teacher who understands the territory and meets each participant fully.”

— Evan Winslow Smith

For complete details please visit the course information page here

Questions? Email


Tuesday, September 28
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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