Waking Up From It-Mentality

[transcribed from 3rd Unleash Your Heart retreat, 2012]

Here we are.

There was this big talk that was queuing up that I realize is summed up in: “Here we are.”

When we become familiar with other beings, who we think they are, and who we think we are, and where we think we’re going, and what we think we’re doing, and we become familiar in our creature body and assimilate places and people and actions and words into our habit-machine, it can dull this wide open alert unprepared raw meeting capacity. So if you bring your whole pulsing tender heart, the rawness of you, the alertness of you, all your senses, and softness to bear here, to just this “Here we are,” God is always much much much much less than we think. And much much much much much more.

The Holy’s song in silence is “Here I am” and Her song in manifestation is “Here we are.”

So beautiful.

The humility of it, to drag our human carcasses and all our troubles and ailments right here to be, to use Mary’s word from this morning, “available.” That’s the greatest gift.

Here we are. Here. Here. Here. It’s great, that here [pointing hand up] and here [pointing hand up] are the same word. Here [offers] and here [shows place].

And here isn’t static, it’s not like a stage set. To say “Here” and to be available is to not only give yourself to this living vibrating stream, but to be it. The body of God. It’s not the “it” that scientific materialism has taught us to view things as — our own selves, static “its” to be measured in time and space. Here, we, an alive body.

Through this work and this willingness and this availability, we wake up out of itness and we bring this willingness to be alive in the unknown, in softened flesh, to everything sleeping in itness, to every bit of our bodies, to every being and object we meet. We wake out of the sleep of itness, out of the violence of itness, out of the utter irreverence of itness… Nothing is an it. Nothing.

It’s only in It-land that we can be experts, because everything is dead, and it doesn’t move, so then we can measure something, evaluate something, and be “sure” of something. So I’m inviting us into We-land, Live-land, God-land, vibrating oceanic precious tender Is-land.

And this “we” isn’t like a sack of potatoes, like a bunch of its we gathered together and called them a “we.” This “we” exists below itness. It’s not a gathering of its. It’s the living body of God that we are emanations of. We don’t make relationship it to it; we don’t have community by connecting all those its. We have relationship and community to the extent that we dissolve of itness into the Body-of-Godness.

So service is not an it serving another it, it’s an it with a cry of agony and pain and humility consenting to be dissolved from its dream of itness to serve as living Body, know itself as living Body, know everything as living Body. And out of that comes such devotion because living Body is precious and beautiful, and anywhere it’s hurting or confused in itness the living Body of God wants to move there, how can I help dear? It’s not a should, it’s not a way to be be good, something to become. It’s a necessity when one knows oneself as Living Body of God. There’s nothing else to be done.

So when we say “serving the whole,” we’re not talking about serving a bag of marbles, but this living vibrating tender, tender, single Being that manifests in all our flesh.

We are here to wake up out of itness. We can see what happens to a world where the beings in it are living out of itness, and everything is an it to manipulate, an it to eat, an it to protect from, an it to have, an it to trade, an it to control so we don’t feel too uncomfortable.

This way is obsolete. It’s utterly obsolete. Just like a dinosaur, it’s dead.

So I invite you, as I often do, to drop into the felt sense… of this living reality for the good of us all, the awakening of us all. You’re not here for your it-self. You’re not here for your it-awakening. You’re not here to take it home so you can have it and show it to your it-friends.

It’s a really wonderful inquiry to start to recognize it-mentality, which is really the only kind of mentality. And the lived experience of this vibrating field of reality, which is Beauty Herself.