“Love is an empty, wild force that cannot be minimized, kept small, controlled, bottled, boxed or made to behave. And the price is the burning of everything else.”

~Jeannie Zandi

Essential being has no argument with anything, but beholds everything with equal regard. Its source is love, its way is love, its end is love and the possibility of the human being is as a living expression of this source – living as love. The work of Living as Love explores the meeting of Heaven and Earth in the human heart, a total surrender to the wisdom of being and the possibility of living as a human expression of the Holy.

The deepest human longing is to be here on Earth participating as an expression of the divine: living, speaking, working, and serving as that. Through teaching, tools and held transformational spaces, this work serves to liberate the heart from hiding, and strengthen our capacity to support, stand behind and express the heart’s tenderness, undivided depth and divinity. Returning to being as our resting place, we learn how to rely on and trust in the essential movement of life as an expression of our very own deepest Self.