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When I was in my mid-thirties I spontaneously, passionately, and somewhat arrogantly cried out in the dark of a sweat lodge with a friend, “Give me nothing that I want!” Shortly thereafter, I was plunged into a five-year dark night of the soul that stripped me of my former orientation and shifted my perception and consciousness. Though I loved my idea of God, and was a psycho-spiritual adventurer, I was not a seeker of enlightenment. I simply wanted to be the best embodiment of love possible and didn’t mind feeling pain in service to that. I had no idea during this darkness that it would ever let up, and for most of that experience I lacked a spiritual context until I found St. John of the Cross and a few wondrous satsang teachers.

My old life crumbled and I became good for nothing but being and responding to true need in others, and mothering my child Sophia who was born in the dark of that night. Invitations started to come for me to share with others, and after a few years of responding to those, I left my software job and threw myself on the mercy of life, with enough money to live for a year. I have not looked back.

People say I’m down to earth, iconoclastic, funny, quirky, a cross between Mother Teresa and Lucille Ball, that I carry a flavor of divine love, that I have a deep understanding of humanness and mercy, a servant heart, and that my meetings are like a waterfall of poetry. I have a unique way of expressing the undivided and my teaching combines a depth of knowledge with a love of creating transformational spaces within which that knowledge can be embodied by others.

I am here to celebrate and champion the beauty of the human being and to liberate that most awesome of all undiscovered resources: the holy love that lives in the heart. Through a deep surrender to the unknown and a willingness from there to discover oneself and the world anew, I know it is possible to live here wide open, blowing with the holy wind, a wedding of the sweetness of heaven and the solid ground of earth, and live, speak, act, love, relate and commune from oneness.

My earlier explorations into philosophy, psychology, dance, martial arts, Sufism, gender conditioning, men’s work, a variety of isms, and relationship as path all lend themselves to an eclectic and practical mix of tools to support friends of the heart to shed a stale, dead and conflict-laden way of being and trade it in for a wide-eyed, feet on the ground, clarity-filled servant-of-the-holy way of life.

I will use anything I find at my fingertips or that upwells within me to teach and hold space for those who are hungry to turn themselves inside out and live their essence. I will take you to the edge of the abyss and lovingly hold you there. I will tenderly call your name, sing to you, expose your funny spots, hold a radically protected space for your tenderest gooey center, and welcome you into the arms of the nourishing moment to shine as the living presence that you are. I’m fearless, fully engaged, and utterly reliant on the holy.